36 BPA Students Advance to State, 14 First Place Medals

BPA Finalists

Competing against hundreds of BPA students, Midway High School swept the regional competition with 36 students advancing to the state level competition. This includes 14 first place medalists/groups. The students compete in categories like “Fundamental Accounting,” “Java,” and “Global Marketing.” They will travel to Dallas on March 2-4 to compete with students from schools all over Texas. Congratulations to these students for their hard work. Good luck at state!

Results are listed below:

Fundamental Accounting

Katelyn Crunk – 1st-– SQ

Wesley  Tandy  2nd-– SQ

Logan Womack 4th – SQ

Payroll Accounting:

Sophia Tullos – 2nd – SQ

Banking and Finance :

Tanner Daniels – 1st – SQ

Kishen Patel – 3rd – SQ

Kylie Lauderdale – 4th – SQ

Economic Research Team:

Christiana Kaul and Kiara Lozano – 1st – SQ

Personal Financial Management:

Dennis Barbus – 1st – SQ

Keaton Loudamy – 2nd – SQ

Danielle Khoury – 4th – SQ

Fundamental Word Processing:

Landry Luker – 2nd – SQ

Austin Scott -3rd   – SQ

Basic Office Systems:

Matt Rieger – 2nd – SQ

Advanced Spreadsheet:

Cade Tindell – 2nd – SQ

Database Applications:

Andrew Dittmann – 2nd– SQ

Business Law and Ethics:

Maria Baragan  – SQ

Computer Network Technology:

Braxton Williams – 1st – SQ

PC Servicing and Troubleshooting:

Avi Patel – 2nd – SQ

Garrett Lackey – 3rd – SQ

Dylan Biggio – 4th – SQ

Computer Security

Corey Karnei 3rd – SQ


Colby Janecka – 1st – SQ

Graphic Design:

Courtney Toscano – 1st – SQ

Krista Gore – 4th

Corrie Cubos – 5th

Hannah McAdams – 6th

Digital Media:

Hannah Wang – 1st – SQ

Garrett Williams – 2nd

Video Production Team:

First Place:

Andrew Dittmann, Cade Tindell,

Garrett  Williams & Braxton Williams

Second Place:

Jon Ly, Keaton Loudamy,

Matt Rieger, Hannah Wang  — SQ

Website Design Team:

Second Place

Colby Janecka, Willie Johnston and

Corey Karnei — SQ

Broadcast News Team:

Second Place:

Becca Burke, Abby Loden and

Meagan Mize – SQ


Sarah Still – 1st – SQ

Micah Prater – 3rd

Presentation Management Team:

First Place:

Paige Huggins, Courtney Tuscano

and Njeri Kanyongo  – SQ

Third Place:

Emily De la Torre, Sara De la Torre,

Hareni Ravikumar, Vivan Trinh

Presentation Management Individual:

Bailey Chiles – 3rd

Global Marketing Team:

First Place:

Sarah Zuberfuden, Kylie Lauderdale,

Maria Baragan  – SQ

Interview Skills:

Taylor Pursley – 3rd

Jazime Bunskil- 4th

Advanced Interview:

Kiara Lozano =- 1st – SQ

Human Resource Management:

Christiana Kaul – 1st — SQ

Jon Ly – 3rd

Prepared Speech

Cinco Dollins – 3rd

BPA Finalists


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  • I was wondering if any of the top placing students in Entrepreneurship have any tips or tricks on the creation of the business plan and presenting, thanks ahead of time.