MHS Students Advance to State Arts Contest

Each year the PTA Reflections Contest awards original works of art from students in six categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts. In this year’s competition, three Midway High Schools students advanced to the state-level contest.

The students each created pieces for the 2021-2022 contest theme “I will change the world by… ,” and four of their pieces were honored with the Overall Award of Excellence at the regional level earning enough points to compete at state.

Congratulations to these state qualifiers on their outstanding work showcasing this year’s theme!

Blake Burk – Visual Arts, “Change”
James Beavers – Photography, “A Lesson from the Past”
Courtney Janecka – Music, “Sparrow Song”
Courtney Janecka – Literature, “I Will Change the World by Being Me”

Blake Burk’s first place visual arts entry, “Change.”
James Beavers’ first place photography entry, “A Lesson from the Past.”

Congratulations as well to the following talented Midway High School students whose pieces were also awarded at the regional level of the PTA Reflections Contest!

Award of Excellence (First Place):
Claire Peebles – Photography, “Sunny Side Up”

Award of Merit (Second Place):
Bhakti Patel – Photography, “Calm in the Thunder”
Mya Hasbun – Visual Arts, “Positivity”
Abigail Harris – Photography – “Bold Yet Bent”
James Beavers – Photography, “Home on the Range”

Honorable Mention:
Claire Peebles – Photography, “Sunset State of Mind”
Nathan Lamkin – Photography, “Parallel Nature”
Nathan Lamkin – Photography, “True Maternal Love”
Abigail Harris – Photography, “Bread of Life”
Makenna Potts – Photography, “Parts of a Mistletoe”

We are so grateful to each of these students for sharing their creativity!