National BPA Qualifiers


  • Courtney Toscano (Senior) – 1st Place Graphic Design ( out of 52 National entries)
  • Taylor Mason – 2nd place – Graphic Design  ( out of 52 National entries)
  • Sarah Still, Kiara Lozano and Christiana Kaul – First Place – Startup Enterprise Team  and  Best in Show OVERALL ( out of over 60 entries)
  • Sarah Romer – 5th place – Desktop Publishing ( out of 67 National entries)
  • Garrett Lackey, Steven Acevedo, Lucas Carlson & Dylan Biggio – 4th place – Software Engineering Team
  • Alex Arragon, Jeremy Bellert, Madison Hall, Richard Hutcheson – 5th place – Software Engineering Team
  • Colton Barden, Carter Forrest, Alex Hoffman & Joey Hogins – 9th place – Video Production Team (out of 33 National entries)
  • Kiara Lozano – 23rd  in Advanced Interview Skills ( out of 51 National entries)

Congratulations to these hard-working students and their advisors! What a way to end the year!

Midway BPA will be sending eighteen students to Dallas May 9-12 for the National BPA Competition. The students will compete in events such as Graphic Design, Interview Skills, and Software Engineering. The students are currently fundraising for their trip to Dallas. For more information, contact a BPA student or one of their advisors, Tanya Lacy, Jessica Pettyjohn, Dana Null, Susan Jones, or BJ Williams. Congratulations to these hard-working students!



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  • Congratulations to all of you! I know you all worked so hard over the past several months. Good luck in Dallas!

  • I am so impressed. Year after year you have national competitors that do extremely great things. Congratulations on another awesome year.