Midway Students Win Big At Film Festivals

48 Hour Film Festival

Seven Midway AV Production students participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival this summer in Dallas. Their film “The Perfect Guy” won 2nd place for Best Film.

At the festival, videography students gather for a 48-hour dash to write, shoot, and edit a short film. Once they have completed their films, they are screened at a local theatre in front of judges, an audience of filmmakers, friends and families.

Consideration for Best Film is judged by film critics, professional producers, actors and other filmmakers from all over the world. The criteria are artistic merit, technical merit and adherence to the assignment.

The students on Midway’s team are: Garrett Williams, Cade Tindell, Andrew Dittmann, Keaton Loudamy, Hannah Wang, Jack Saxon, Madeline Johnson, Braxton Williams, Landry Luker, Jonah Hardt and Sophia Tullos.

The actors, who were pulled straight from MHS Theatre, are: Peyton Hodges, Andy Kanz, Joey Hogins, Bethany Neubert, and Nick Marquez.

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Click below to watch their film:


All-American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF)

Four AV Production students were selected to attend this year’s All-American High School Film Festival this summer in New York City.

The students’ film “70 Days. Midway Football Hype” won 1st Place for the Action Sports category.

The AAHSFF is the largest high school film festival in the world and is a key destinations for student filmmakers. Students have the opportunity to have their work recognized by filmmakers, actors, and producers at the AMC in Times Square.

In addition to a college fair where the students can speak to the top film schools in the nation, there is a technology showcase, workshops, and panels.

Congratulations on this exceptional achievement!

The students are Hannah Wang, Keaton Loudamy, Matthew Rieger and Jon Ly.

Click here to learn more about the AAHSFF.

Watch their award-winning film:

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  • This film impressed me for its clarity of purpose, its credible script, and its ending that avoided predictably. Absolutely first rate for the 48 hour assignment.
    Burl Hogins
    Chair, Professor Emeritus
    San Diego Mesa College