South Bosque Opens Free Community Library



img_5678South Bosque has joined Little Free Library, a nationwide program (littlefreelibrary.org) open to the community. Neighbors, students, and teachers can come into Mr. Bee’s Outdoor Living Room, borrow books, and learn about gardening, insects, etc.  Barnes and Noble and “Garden Keeper” parents donated the books from our book fair to fill the library.

The new Little Free Library was featured by KWKT Fox 44: http://www.mycentx.com/news/waco-news/new-free-library-at-south-bosque-elementary



img_5699South Bosque Mom Heather White led the project and planned the launch party and ribbon cutting. She complimented the work done by the Garden Keepers making the library and the garden environment possible. She says, “Our garden keepers are truly inspiring this year!  We have 46 volunteers.  Each class has planted vegetables that we will harvest before the winter break.  Lessons are given in the garden every two weeks.  We’ve even designed a T-shirt for this group of volunteers and their students.”