Sweepstakes at District FFA LDE Event


Midway FFA had a very successful night at the Waco District FFA Leadership Development Events this week. These students have trained hard over the last several months and their efforts paid off. Midway came away with the Sweepstakes Award and nine teams are advancing to the Area LDE Contest which will be held at Robinson High School on Saturday, November 19th. Results are below:


Senior Creedspeaking- 1st (advancing to Area)

Calvin Morgan


Greenhand Creedspeaking- 1st (advancing to Area)

Anya Ocampos


Ag Advocacy- 1st (advancing to Area)

Calvin Morgan

Hallie Hafer

Taylor Pursley

Emily Gerstenkorn


Ag Issues Forum- 1st (advancing to Area)

Jacob Brooks

Kase LeRow

Sam Jones


Senior Skills Demonstration- 1st (advancing to Area)

Austin Young

Leanna Herrera

Scott Hamme


Greenhand Skills Demonstration- 1st (advancing to Area)

Elizabeth Daly

Bryson Metzgar

Haley Musquiz


Greenhand FFA Quiz- 1st (advancing to Area)

Kalee Guy

Savannah Johnson

Caroline Traylor

Anya Ocampos


Chapter FFA Quiz- 2nd (advancing to Area)

Claire King

Will Johniken

Jacob Brooks

Cinco Dollins

Austin Fisher


Job Interview- 2nd (advancing to Area)

Cinco Dollins


Greenhand Chapter Conducting- 3rd

Ryleigh Faubion

Caroline Traylor

Zoe Tripp

Kirstey Ferguson

Daniel Nye

Hayden White

Letzy Garcia


FFA Broadcasting- 4th

Zoe Tripp

Braedon Metzgar

Bailey Coburn


Senior Chapter Conducting- 5th

Will Johniken

Austin Fisher

Abby Dudley

Madalyn Willis

Alexis Everett

Bailey Lapierre

Kayli Glick


Public Relations- 6th

Kaleigh Hammond

Lauren Berry

John Garcia

Dominick Cooper