MHS Choir Seniors Awarded Scholarships

Eight senior choir students were awarded scholarships at this year’s annual Choir Banquet held Tuesday, May 18th in The Pavilion at the Carleen Bright Arboretum.

From left to right: Jeff Rice, Caleb Overstreet, Evan Watts, Shepard Helton, Jonathan Ayers, Meredith Villarrial, Brooklyn Lankford, Carrigan Young, Mary Claire Gunn, Claire Coley and Jannifer Rice.

$500 scholarships were awarded to Claire Coley, Mary Claire Gunn, Shepard Helton, Brooklyn Lankford, Meredith Villarrial, Evan Watts and Carrigan Young.

Additionally, a $1,000 Harrell Family Realty scholarship was awarded to Jonathan Ayers.

All scholarships were presented by the Midway High School Choir Booster Club.