Carson Lutz Wins State UIL Medal in Literary Criticism

Midway High School Junior Carson Lutz earned 3rd place in Literary Criticism at this year’s UIL Academic State Meet held on Saturday, May 1.

Carson advanced through District and Regional UIL Academic meets to be able to compete at State.

“It’s an honor to represent our school at the state level,” Carson said. “I was excited to get to compete after all the effort that has been put in by our coaches, Mrs. Alvarado and Ms. Berry.”

The UIL Literary Criticism Contest is made up of a 90-minute test that assesses the competitor’s knowledge of literary analysis concepts and their familiarity with the authors and works that represent English-language literary history.

Three categories comprise the scored part of the test including knowledge of literary terms, the yearly UIL reading list, and ability in literary criticism, followed by a required tie-breaking essay that requires competitors to exercise their skill in literary analysis.

Carson earned the third highest score on the test and essay out of 22 students from across Texas. 

Midway High School English teacher Marsha Alvarado was Carson’s Literary Criticism Coach.

Congratulations to Carson on his outstanding performance in Academic UIL!