Midway ISD Excels in this Year’s CDE Competition

Pictured: Midway’s State Champion Vet Sciences Team

Midway was represented well at the FFA’s yearly Career and Leadership Development Events (CDE) Competition. Student’s competed in events and teams such as Vet Science, Tractor Tech, Food Science, and Farm Business Management.

The FFA’s CDE program aims to help develop college and career readiness skills in students. Students participating in FFA are challenged to develop critical thinking and effective decision-making skills, while fostering teamwork and promoting communication. The yearly competition gives students the chance to exercise the skills they have learned, while promoting the value of both ethical competition and individual achievement.

CDE and LDE events occur at the local, state and national level. They are designed and regularly evaluated to meet AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards.

Midway excelled in this year’s completion! Here’s how the team’s stacked up against the competition.

Vet Science- STATE CHAMPIONS of over 500 teams and will be representing Midway FFA and Texas FFA at the national contest in October!!

Team members- Anya Ocampos- 2nd high individual, Rachel Jones- 2nd high individual, Kyle Kowalski- 8th high individual, Claire King

Tractor Tech- top ten team! 3rd place at state!

Team members- Nash Wadsworth- 5th high individual, Austin Young- 8th high individual, Zoe Tripp

Food Science- top ten team! 8th place at state!

Team members- Caleb Montgomery, Lauren Berry, Madalyn Willis, Adriana Salazar

Farm Business Management- top ten team! 7th place at state out of over 130 teams!

Team members- Lauren Berry- 10th high individual, Isabell Benson, Rhiannon Moss, Nissa Simcik

Wildlife- 12th place team out of over 220 teams (top 5% in the state!)

Team members- Gus Routh, Brooks Barnett, Kase LeRow, Carmen Dollins

Homesite– 14th place team out of over 100 teams

Team members- Austin Young, Braeden Book, Karigan Mayfield, Dylan Goss

Cotton– 18th place team out of over 100 teams

Team members- Bailey Lapierre, Mikayla Collins, Lily Lewallen Alexis Everett

Livestock– 23rd place team out of over 650 teams (top 3.5% in the state!)

Team members- Kase LeRow, Liz Daly, Zoe Tripp, Caleb McAdams

Land- 28th place team out of over 150 teams

Team members- Jacob Brooks- 5th high individual, Delaney Moszkowicz, Cade Cruseturner, Dequan Carter

Wool- 30th place team out of over 170 teams

Team members- Savannah Johnson, Cayden Stanford, Myra Mitchell, Caroline Traylor

Poultry– 32nd place team out of over 300 teams (top 10% in the state!)

Team members- Bailey Lapierre, Alexis Everett, Colin Sims, Caleb Montgomery

Milk Quality- 36th place team out of over 220 teams

Team members- Julianna Elliott, Megan Gill, Maddi Abshier, Anna McBride

Dairy Cattle- 38th place team out of over 230 teams

Team members- Ryleigh Faubion, Brenda Peralta, Sydney Toups, Jolie Rebando

Entomology- 49th place team out of over 200 teams

Team members- Jayden Lucie, Hayden Hill, Letzy Garcia, Kaylee Guy

Congratulations to our winners and everyone that competed this year!