MHS BPA Wins Big at Nationals

Midway High School’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) students competed for national titles last week in Anaheim, California.

Congratulations to these hard-working students!

Madison Hall, Kyle Plaskett, Joey Hogins, Dax Duncan, Richard Hutcheson,
Hayden Pietsch, Jeremy Bellert, Lucas Carlson, Kyle Tullis, Carter Forrest,
Isabel Glasson, Marshal Cole Tompkins, Krista Gore
Front Row:
Brett Russell, Colton Barden, Audrey Pick, Taylor Mason
Jedidiah West
Not pictured:
Morgan Powers

Taylor Mason – Graphic Design- 1st

Krista Gore – Digital Media – 2nd

Carter Forrest, Colton Barden, Joey Hogins & Brett Russell – Video Production Team – 7th

Morgan Powers, Audrey Pick & Isabelle Glasson – Global Marketing Team – 10th

Richard Hutcheson, Jeremy Bellert, Kyle Tullis & Kyle Plaskett – Virtual Software Team – 1st in Game Design AND Best in Show

Madison Hall, Lucas Carlson, Preston Bowman & Hayden Pietsch – Virtual Software Team –  3rd in Game Design

Marshall Tompkins, Krista Gore and Dax Duncan – Virtual Multimedia and Promotion Team – 1st – Best in Show AND  2nd in Best Video and Promotion

Jedi West – competed in Computer Modeling after winning 1st in the State.