Middle School Student’s Poetry Appears in National Publication

Not every writer can say their work has been published, and even fewer can say they were published before they even started high school. For Midway Middle School student Vala Jenkins, both of these rare occurrences are true.

The eighth grader became a published poet this year when her poem “Copyright” was printed in the national publication, “A Celebration of Poets.”

Midway Middle School eighth-grader Vala Jenkins’ poem, “Copyright” was printed in the Fall 2021 edition of “A Celebration of Poets.”

Read Vala’s nationally published poem below:

I’ve always thought copyright was an
Intrusive concept,
Inspiration from a source turns into stealing…
Yet we cannot decide what we hear or listen to,
For we are all intrusive.
But at some point for your art…
Copyright is no longer valid,
Your words can then be manipulated and used,
Harassed and broken…
But it’s no one’s problem at that point because
Yet again, they will expire as well…
For your great grandchildren’s children will not
Think of you,
Nor your originality,
Your great love
And heartbreak…
You are never immortal,
Nor is your writing…

-Vala Jenkins