Emily Kate Mosley, Class of 2019, is the latest Midway High School student to earn the prestigious Congressional Medal established in 1979 to recognize outstanding initiative, service and achievement in young people. Emily Kate has participated in the Spirit of Midway recognition program since her freshman year. Miss Mosley is the only person to receive the Gold Medal in the Texas 17th Congressional District so far this year, completing the requirements in an impressive twenty-four month period. Participants can begin working on earning the requirements as early as 13.5 years of age but all requirements must be met by a person’s 24th birthday. 

According to the Congressional Award website, the Congressional Award program allows participants to earn bronze, silver, and gold certificates as well as bronze, silver, and gold medals. Each level involves setting goals in four program areas; Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration. http://congressionalaward.org,

Emily Kate says that upon learning that her previous volunteer experience through the Spirit of Midway and the Hewitt library would count towards the award, she was inspired to apply. The most memorable part of the experience, she says, was the cultural immersion project. “The Award requires you to spend at least 5 days and 4 nights in a cultural experience different from your own or an expedition project. I chose to stay with an Indian-Pakistani Muslim family and document their cultural experience and lifestyle as well as explore immigration policies and pathways. In doing so, I was able to educate myself on a culture I was unfamiliar with as well as better understand a heated political topic in our country,” Emily Kate explained.

The 2019 Gold Medalists will be recognized at the annual Gold Medal ceremony in Washington, D.C. June 19 – 21. “While I am there, I will get to meet with congresspersons, senators, and other celebrities and speak on the issues and philanthropies that I worked with. I am excited to go as an activist as well as attend the ceremony at the Capitol and sight-see,” said Miss Mosley.

The Congressional Award process is extensive and can be difficult to understand, said Emily Kate. She offers her help to those who might need a mentor through the process. Any interested student should email [email protected] to ask for Emily Kate’s assistance.

Past Midway ISD graduates to earn the Congressional Medal following their Spirit of Midway awards are Camden Brown, Class of 2011, Riley Gardell, Class of 2015, and Colby Janecka, Class of 2017. To learn more about the Spirit of Midway program, visit https://www.midwayisd.org/Page/940.