MMS All-Region Band


On November 4, the MMS band attended All-Region band auditions (hosted at Midway Middle School). A record-breaking 54 musicians made either the Symphonic or Concert All-Region bands and had one 1st alternate. Fourteen students were named 1st chair.

The Texas Music Educators Association which was started nearly 100 years ago is an organization of over 12,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. TMEA is comprised of five divisions: Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Elementary, and College.

The MMS band, directed by Ken McLellan, will compete in UIL Concert and Sight Reading in April.

Click below to see who placed!

Laura Arias Flute Symphonic Band 2nd
Jadyn Lucien Flute Symphonic Band 6th
Madison Wingert Flute Concert Band 2nd
Antonio Ochoa Flute Concert Band 3rd
Miriam Odle Flute Concert Band 4th
Sabrina Wells Flute Concert Band 5th
Erin Castillo Flute Concert Band 8th
Rachel Wharton Oboe Symphonic Band 1st
Matthew Marquez Oboe Symphonic Band 2nd
Carson Lutz Clarinet Symphonic Band 1st
Caroline Miller Clarinet Symphonic Band 4th
Sam Smyers Clarinet Symphonic Band 5th
CJ Martin Clarinet Symphonic Band 6th
Matthew Randall Clarinet Symphonic Band 10th
Kelise Slaughter Clarinet Symphonic Band 11th
Kennedy Carter Clarinet Concert Band 2nd
Eliana White Clarinet Concert Band 4th
Ashton Harpole Bass Clarinet Symphonic Band 1st
Lauren Prather Bassoon Symphonic Band 1st
Mason Ford Bassoon Symphonic Band 2nd
Brady Parker Alto Sax Symphonic Band 3rd
Micah Yarbrough Alto Sax Concert Band 2nd
Garity Daily Tenor Sax Concert Band 2nd
Torrin Longenecker Bari Sax Symphonic Band 1st
Riley Dalrymple Trumpet Symphonic Band 1st
Logan Denny Trumpet Symphonic Band 2nd
Connor Rainey Trumpet Symphonic Band 3rd
Samuel Snipes Trumpet Symphonic Band 4th
Austin Boudreaux Trumpet Concert Band 1st
Jackson Boudreaux Trumpet Concert Band 3rd
Joseph Gibel Trumpet Concert Band 7th
Jai Patel Trumpet Concert Band 9th
A.J. Watson French Horn Symphonic Band 1st
Jorge Galvan French Horn Symphonic Band 3rd
Freddy Salaz French Horn Symphonic Band 4th
Adam Sieberg French Horn Concert Band 1st
Daniel Heckenlively Trombone Symphonic Band 1st
Norah Gonzalez Trombone Symphonic Band 2nd
Cole Brown Trombone Symphonic Band 3rd
Wolfgang Garrett Trombone Symphonic Band 5th
Hank Holland Trombone Concert Band 3rd
Austin Richards Trombone Concert Band 4th
Cielo Ochoa-Sanchez Trombone Concert Band 7th
Sam Elizondo Euphonium Symphonic Band 1st
Reagan Lambert Euphonium Symphonic Band 2nd
Caleb Pruitt Euphonium Concert Band 4th
Jezreel Bachert Tuba Symphonic Band 2nd
Dave Chavez Tuba Symphonic Band 4th
Brock Markum Tuba Concert Band 1st
James Beavers Tuba Concert Band 2nd
Jaxon Gillis Percussion Symphonic Band 1st
Felicia Shelton Percussion Symphonic Band 3rd
Scott Gibel Percussion Concert Band 1st
Ben Greathouse Percussion Concert Band 4th
Braden Bond Percussion Concert Band 5th