MMS PALs Raise $2500 for Community Cancer Association

MMS Peer Assistance & Leadership (PALs) program raised $2500 during the 2016-2017 year. They presented the giant check to the Community Cancer Association of McLennan Country.

The Community Cancer Association(CCA) works with local cancer patients and their families to address some of the financial issues that occur as a result of their health condition. CCA has been providing assistance to cancer patients in Central Texas for more than 50 years. CCA helps pay for outpatient cancer drugs, medicine for treatment effects, pain control and symptom management.

CCA also helps pay for prescription co-pays, necessary medical travel, wound care items, ostomy and mastectomy supplies, garments, wigs, nutritional supplements and more. We are a United Way agency and take no government funding. All donations for CCA stay right here in Central Texas.

The PALs do service projects, fundraisers, mentoring, and so much more throughout the year.

For more information about the CCA, got to