Students Win State UIL Journalism Awards

Pictured: Sarah Zylberfuden, Julissa Cabral, Syera Miller with their UIL IAA awards. Photo by Payton Strickland.

The Interscholastic League Press (ILPC) Individual Achievement Awards (IAAs) honor top high school journalists in the state. Midway students and graduated were recently honored with four awards.

In the yearbook category, the senior ads team of Miranda Williams (2016 graduate), Julissa Cabral and Syera Miller won second place in state for their design work for the chapter. It was also the year the yearbook staff sold more ad space than it ever had thanks to the team’s marketing projects.

In the newspaper competition, Hayoung Park won second for computer art. Her artwork of a donkey dressed like Hillary Clinton and an explant with the hair of Donald Trump was used to illustrate an article in The Panther Post during the presidential election.

Sarah Zylberfuden won honorable mention for sports action photography. Her photo of two football players celebrating in the end zone was printed on the cover of the homecoming edition of The Panther Post.

MHS 2016 graduate Sarah Byford won third place for student art. Her four hand-drawn illustrations showed fashion trends of the last four decades for articles in the April 2016 edition The Panther Post.

Graduates are able to compete because the contest includes work from February of 2016 to February of 2017. These students were given medals or ribbons by the ILPC office and their work was featured during the 2017 ILPC Conference in Austin.