Commitment Excellence

Extra Mile Winners



Four times a year, Midway ISD honors employees who go above and beyond the call of duty for students and colleagues. The first honorees for this school year are:


Sidney McCune, cafeteria manager at River Valley Intermediate

Ms. McCune was nominated by Sarah Holland. Mrs. Holland said, “The last week of the year, approximately 300 sixth graders from River Valley Intermediate were scheduled to take a field trip to Austin. The trip included lunch and had been paid for weeks before. That morning, the unusual Texas weather brought heavy downpours and rain. The students boarded the buses and left on their trip. Due to the stormy conditions, the buses were turned around and back to school. What do you do with 300 students for lunch that were planning on eating pizza? Thank goodness for Sidney McCune and her staff in the River Valley cafeteria who went into fast action and got ready. She prepared food for all students and never missed a beat. Never was there one sigh of despair. This is the Sidney, every day. She is smiling, even on a day when 300 show up for lunch unexpectedly.”


Terry Escue and Richard Reasor, IBIS Team at Woodway Elementary

Mr. Escue and Mr. Reasor were nominated by Brittany Hollingsworth and ShaLynna Mosely. Brittany says, “These two men have gone above and beyond this year helping out with discipline problems. They are always checking in and letting us know that they are available if we need them. They both have plenty of work to do, but somehow find time to make sure our toughest behavior cases are taken care of. They are a great male presence among the children and selfless with their time.”

ShaLynna says, “These gentlemen took it upon themselves to be more proactive than reactive with the students who have behavior issues on our campus. They check in with my two students regularly and also keep a sticker chart reward system for when they are “caught doing good.” They counsel as well as reward and motivate students who need the extra support. They have the mindset that getting involved early will help prevent more students from becoming more severe discipline issues later. These men have been my saving grace this year and I have noticed it making a huge difference in my classroom!”