50 BPA Students Advance to State

Despite the competition DOUBLING with more than 350 teens competing at the Business Professionals of America (BPA) regional competition, Midway High School still advanced the most students! Out of MHS’ 70 students, 50 qualified to move on to the state competition in March. Please congratulate these students for all their hard work. Good luck at state!



BPA Regional Results

Midway High School


Fundamental Accounting:  2nd Mariam McCormick*,  3rd Kaci Kuykendoll*


Payroll Accounting:  1st  Jay Bartz*, 3rd Sophia Tullos* & 4th Wendy Hua*

5th Hailey Lauderdale, 6th Clark Buchanan


Banking & Finance:  1st – Michael Garza*


Personal Financial Management – 2nd – Gus Betancourt*, 3rd, Wade Liescheski*

4th Meredith Kaminski*


Economic Research Individual – 1st – Molly Majors*


Economic Research Team – 1st – Kiara Lozano* and Christiana Kaul*

2nd – Hailey Lauderdale*, Maria Barragan*,

Kylie Lauderdale* & Hareni Ravikumar*


Fundamental Word Processing – 1st – Madeline Ho*,  3rd Kishen Patel* &

5th Steven Acevedo


Integrated Office Applications –   3rd Garrett Williams*


Basic Office Systems & Procedures – 1st – Hannah Wang*


Advanced Office Systems & Procedures – 1st – Jack Saxon*


Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications – 1st – Nathan Allen*,   3rd Dhruv Patel*


Advanced Spreadsheet Applications – 3rd – Cade Tindell*


Database Applications – 1st – Andrew Dittmann*


Administrative Support Team – 2nd – Jay Bartz*, Dylan Moore*, Josh McKerall*,

& Sam Richards*


Administrative Support Research – 1st – Laura Dreiwitz*


Computer Network Technology – 1st Braxton Williams*


Java Programming – 2nd Colby Janecka*


Fundamental Desktop Publishing – 1st – Hanna Chung*


Graphic Design Promotion – 1st – Corrie Cubos*, 5th Courtney Toscano

and 6th – Caleb Santacruz


Digital Media Production – 1st – Jordan Turner*, 2nd Madeline Johnson* & 4th Max Osborne



Video Production Team – 1st – Keaton Loudamy*, Jon Ly*, Nathan McBride* & Matt Rieger*

3rd – Andrew Dittmann, Jack Saxon, Cade Tindell, &

Garrett Williams


Web Site Design Team – 2nd – Charles Counts*, Joe Howard*, Colby Janecka*,

& Clive Unger*  4th Trent and Tyler Scott


Broadcast News Production Team – 2nd – Kassidy Buth* & Jordan Turner*


Global Marketing Team – 2nd – Austen Kaul*, Evan Mock* & Alex Waitley*

5th Njeri Kanyongo and Shilpi Karan


Entrepreneurship – 1st – Alex Waitley*


Interview Skills –, 3rd, Li Ann Borucki & 4th – Kiara Lozano


Advanced Interview Skills – 1st – Kassidy Buth*


Extemporaneous Speech – 4th – Annie Griesemer & 6th Dylan Moore


Human Resource Management – 1st – Ryan Mason*


Presentation Management Team – 2nd – Hanna Chung*, Lauren Miller*

& Courtney Toscano*


Medical Terminology –  5th – Christinia Hutchinson


*Indicates advancing to State competition