Hunger Free MISD

Maggie Franks and Jeanie JohnsonMidway Middle School student Maggie Franks loves to bake. Maggie also loves to help people, and last year while watching the Food Network, Maggie was inspired to help others. Food Network was promoting a national program called No Kid Hungry, which through state partners all across the country, works to end childhood hunger in America. Maggie decided to put her baking skills to use and spent about four days baking to make enough food to sell at a business her father and grandfather own. In this initial 2 day bake sale, Maggie was able to raise around $2,000 for the No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Maggie did not stop there! In July, 2015, she decided she wanted to help more and to have a local impact. Her mom works in Midway and was aware of the Hunger Free MISD program. Maggie had found her next project. She held another bake sale and was able to raise just over $1,000 for Hunger Free MISD. She is already planning how she can help more in the future. MISD is not the only place to become aware of Maggie’s efforts, as local station KWTX ran a story on Maggie’s fundraising efforts. They even came to her house to film her baking. Maggie is making an impact on hunger in the Midway community and across the country. Way to go,  Maggie!