Midway Middle School Students Earn Academic Recognition

A record-breaking 25 Midway Middle School students qualified for the 34th annual Duke University Talent Identification Program. The seventh grade students who received this honor earned scores equal to or better than half of the college-bound junior and seniors who took the SAT or ACT tests this year.

The 2015 Duke TIP scholars from Midway Middle School include

  • Waverli Almand
  • Shannon Anderson
  • Grace Beene
  • Stephen Bender
  • Jessica Best
  • Nicholas Chancellor
  • Yena Chang
  • Benjamin Clarkson
  • Michael Cuenca
  • Rhett Grosz
  • Amanda Hudson
  • Gawon Jo
  • Madeleine Kearney
  • Sophie Kearney
  • Ivy Koh
  • Kyle Kowalski
  • Callum Longenecker
  • Taylor Mason
  • Beatrice McCormick
  • Preston Recks
  • Isaac Rios
  • Mikaela Ruiz
  • Alessandra Sayers
  • Matthew Stamey
  • Benjamin White