First Grade Celebrates Tacky Tuesday

First grade students at South Bosque Elementary celebrated Tacky Tuesday on January 27. After reading the “Tacky the Penguin” series, students and teachers dressed in mismatched outfits to mimic the quirky protagonist in the beloved books.

Mrs. Neuhaus' class celebrated Tacky Tuesday with zest and enthusiasm.
Mrs. Neuhaus’ class celebrated Tacky Tuesday by dressing in clashing colors and patterns, mismatched shoes, crazy socks, hats and headbands in honor of Tacky the Penguin.



Mrs. Dominik’s class learned the vocabulary word “stagger” while Tacky the Penguin listened from his display at the back of the classroom.
Ethan Tucker and Mandy Waddell posed in their Tacky Tuesday attire.


Katie Mae Hensley sported a braid, a pigtail, a headband, a purple vest, polka dotted shirt and tulle skirt, and classmate Myles Rhea wore a striped tie with a sports jersey to celebrate the dress up day.


From head to toe, James Tobin and Clarey Oates of Mrs. Dominik’s class celebrated Tacky the Penguin in style.


Bright colors, bold patterns and brilliant smiles: Boone Browning and Katherine Johnson enjoyed a chance to wear wild outfits to school for the day.