Lighting the Path to Success

Technology has rapidly branched out to younger generations allowing them to excel in their studies.

With the help of generous donors, Woodway Elementary School has had the opportunity to put their “Lightbox Grant” into effect which was funded by the Midway ISD Education Foundation.

Lightbox is an enhanced eBook title that creates visuals and excitement for science and social studies topics with the use of Google Map, slideshows, vocabulary exercises and many more. It delivers a unique student-oriented learning experience. Students have access to these books and all other features on the iPads or computers directly from their home with Internet access.

“The advantage of the Lightbox books is having both the print version and the eBook version allowing students to use them on their iPad,” Librarian, Emily Tawater said. “We chose this series because it is all nonfiction books and student can get more experience with nonfiction texts.”

Mrs. Bullajian’s second grade class had the special treat one afternoon of learning more about how Lightbox can help them engage in the learning process.



Students in Mrs. Bullajian’s class were shown on TV via AirPlay how to open their books on their iPads. The book The Alamo was used as an example for students. As part of the example, students were shown different interactive features such as a word search, quizzes, and activity pages tailored to the book being read.

“There is such a limited attention span when it comes to using textbooks,” Mrs. Bullajian said. “Lightbox helps strengthen a student’s attention span.”

These interactive eBooks ignite a passion for learning in students of all ages. The numerous features help students recognize essential material for the learning process. Additional features include a library search feature where students can search for books based on what they are currently reading and a video feature allowing students to watch short clips packed full of information.

To learn more about how grant funding is helping further the education of students, you can visit to find how grants fund great ideas.

By Kaitlyn Harp

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