A Foundation of Inspiration

Midway graduate gives back to foster success

Reflecting on his experience growing up in Midway ISD, Brian Townley, Class of 1988, recognizes that his motivation was shaped and molded by teachers who empowered him to succeed.

“I think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities. All individuals have their own hopes and dreams and when inspired, can benefit themselves as well as countless others.”

Townley, a leadership author and speaker who recently published RIPPLeFFECT: Leading from the Core, has spent 26 years in the banking industry and now travels the world inspiring others largely in part of the impact his Midway educators had on him.

It all started when he became involved in a program at Midway High School, leading him to apply for a teller’s job at a bank. He got the job and eventually become Senior Vice President of the same bank. Drive and motivation have paved the way to his current success, but he credits his core development to that class at Midway High School and teachers who believed in him.

This is why Townley decided to make a generous contribution to the Midway ISD Education Foundation. His hope for the Education Foundation is that its creative resources will motivate more students and teachers.

“I want to create lots of ripple effects that make lasting impressions, in hopes they have success and love what they’re doing,” he said. “If this gift has the ability to inspire students to achieve, we all as a community will benefit.”

Townley believes that the success of students and teachers will stem from creative and innovative classroom experiences funded by the Education Foundation.

As a Midway alumnus, he has a special place in his heart for the district he calls home. He wants to see a ripple effect of inspiring leaders in his community, and the groundwork that Midway ISD lays for its students is an ideal place for that effect to begin.

Considering his own education at Midway, he knows that his gift would enhance learning and express confidence in the future of Midway ISD students. He believes that students should have unique opportunities in the classroom that challenge them to grow.

“My peers from school have children, so wouldn’t they want their kids to have an even better experience in school?”

Recently, nine GoPros were granted to Spring Valley Elementary for students to use in different parts of the curriculum. This wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of Education Foundation supporters like Townley. Having the heart to support the foundation’s mission of quality education is all it takes.

Townley’s initial gift to the Education Foundation reflected his vision for the future of Midway ISD. After he discovered the potential for inspiration and motivation, he generously doubled the gift. He challenges other Midway alumni to consider giving back to their alma mater, and he believes contributing will further the ripple effect as well as show gratitude for Midway.

“Sometimes it just takes that little bit, and that little bit comes from somewhere,” Townley said. “Giving back can bring others to success, but success isn’t just about all of the things we’ve accomplished in life. It’s defined by people we can inspire along the way, and I trust that teachers can inspire students.”

By Erin Mitchell