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#1MidwayScience Tweets of the Month – January/February 2019

Search #1MidwayScience on Twitter to see Midway K-12 science in action.

Featured Tweeters from January/February were:

Rachel Abarca, Allison Bobo, Tonya Bottoms, Leslie Chapman, Jacki Friedholm, Kasha Gorham, Tasha Haferkamp, Abbi Hope, Marla Jaynes, Taylor Lange, Ashley Leatham, April McAdams, Amy Millet, Ruthanne Morris, Mandy Ochoa, Barbara Page, Andrei Perdon, Jordyn Pottinger, Natalie Proctor, Adriana Pruente, Christine Pyron, Amy Roenfanz, Debbie Strouse, Lora Tepe, and Jackie Villarreal! 

Also in January and February, #1MidwayScience received special shout-outs from South Bosque, Spring Valley, River Valley, and Woodgate!

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