Breakout of the Norm

Over the past five years, Escape Rooms have become a breakout form of entertainment across the nation. Thanks to a grant from Midway ISD Education Foundation, teachers are able to purchase supplies that turn fun escape room challenges into valuable learning experiences.

Dawn Walker, an instructional technologist with Midway ISD, saw the idea being implemented during a staff training for teachers. She borrowed the equipment to try on a group of students. Once she saw that it was a success, she submitted the grant to buy her own equipment.

“All Woodway and Speegleville fourth grade students will benefit from this grant.” Walker said.

The students were divided into groups of three or four and worked together to solve math problems which give them clues and ultimately helped them unlock their box.

These activities not only help students learn their coursework material, but they also are benefiting from learning how to think critically and problem solve.

“Our kids need critical thinking and problem solving skills,” Walker said.

Walker encourages teachers to use start using this activity in their classrooms. This activity can be used with any subject to help students review and understand their coursework.”

“We combine what they’re learning in class with critical thinking and problem solving skills,” Walker said.