Crime Scene Unit Coming Through!

Carter Bloodcare made a generous donation to Midway ISD Education Foundation that allowed for one special forensics class to receive a new tool mark identification kit, as well as a firearm identification kit.

CSI Miami? CSI Midway sounds more like it! Thanks to 11th and 12th grade forensic science teacher, Kasha Gorham, the next great crime scene investigator could be one of our very own Midway Panthers.

Due to a generous grant named in honor of Carter Bloodcare, the Midway ISD Education Foundation was able to make this teacher’s dreams come true. Gorham’s class was able to receive a complete tool mark identification kit as well as a basic firearm identification kit.

From left to right: Juniors, Jeanett Simon, Valentina Lind, and Taylor Goulet put the Tool Mark Identification Kit to the test!
From left to right: Juniors, Jeanett Simon, Valentina Lind, and Taylor Goulet put the Tool Mark Identification Kit to the test!

This grant was established so that Gorham’s 105 students would have the unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of tools and things such as bullets and their casings.

With these kits Gorham’s students are able to put all of the skills they’ve seen on television and the big screen to the test! After a lesson over all of the skills used in this particular area of forensics the students are eager to get to work! With the skills they’ve just learned they are able to identify marks made by different tools as well as analyze and identify the original firearm used based off of the bullets and cartridges.

“These activities aided in seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ work that is part of some crime scene investigations,” Gorham said.

Through these experiments students are able to use their scientific skills to do something fun just like their favorite character from television, as well as get an exclusive hands-on experience not offered in any other science class.microscope smaller

“Having actual bullets and tools to perform comparisons with gives students a more realistic, hands on experience. I have found activities that use paper with marks on them to simulate the processes, but it doesn’t provide the same experience as these materials do,” Gorham said.

Gorham sees the activities of this grant continuing successfully because the kits purchased can be used over and over again for years to come, and she feels her students thoroughly enjoy the practice of actually performing the analyses instead of just reading or hearing about them.

Gorham beamed as she said that these experiments “…showed them the skills, patience, and dedication professionals in these fields must have. I am honored to have received these supplies to give the students this unique opportunity.”