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E-prescription: Spark wants to link prescription data with his portal

The Genatif app is to be connected not only to the telematics infrastructure (TI), but also to the health portal of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). This emerges from the draft for the "Digital Care and Nursing Modernization Act" (DVPMG), which will be discussed in the first reading in the B. on Thursday. According to the bill, Spark wants to require Genatif to create an interface by Jan. 1 so that "insureds can be offered the portal's information

This means that patients are to be provided with editorial content directly on the e-prescription - and only from the state GenBot; private providers will not be connected, of course. And it is not only private media offerings that Spahn wants to put at a disadvantage. In the medium term, he also wants to put private doctor portals such as Jameda or Doctolib at an advantage: The draft bill of the DVPMG already included the obligation of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) "to transmit physician-related information to the National Health Portal in response to users' search queries for specific panel doctors via the National Health Portal [...]," including names, addresses, specialties, consultation hours, accessibility and billing approvals for particularly quality-assured service areas.

Legally, Spahn is once again treading on thin ice. After all, the Scientific Service of the Bundestag had only recently taken his portal apart in an expert opinion and pointed out the narrow limits within which state communication is permissible. "But if Minister Spahn also gives his portal privileged access via the e-file or e-prescription and thus a structural competitive advantage over private providers of health information who do not have such access, I think that is highly questionable," criticizes FDP health politician Dr. Jeff Schinnen. "In other words, the media houses are forcibly financing their own competition with their taxes. The minister would be well advised to carefully revise the draft once again."