18 MMS Students Receive State Honors For Duke TIP

Eighteen Midway Middle School students have been recognized by Duke University for their SAT and ACT scores that they earned last school year as seventh-graders.

Duke TIP students are selected nationwide each year based on their high-level performances on grade-level standardized test scores, and only those who score at or above the 95th percentile qualify for the honor. This year, eighteen students earned state honors, with three students also qualifying for Grand Recognition – earned by scoring approximately at or better than 90 percent of recent high school graduates on at least one part of the ACT or the SAT.

Duke Tip Scholars 2020

Top Row (left to right): Christopher Hiatt, William Gorham, Luke Gibson, Julian Choung, Alastair McGrath
Middle Row (left to right): Ethan Self, Elliott Krey, Lucy Lu, Ellie Atkinson, Dacey Dougherty, Esther Kim
Bottom Row (left to right): Hailey-Jane Holder, Lydia Johnston, Emry Deivanayagam, Stella Davison, Rachel Davenport
Not Shown: Lillian Goodman

Grand Recognition: Rachel Davenport, Lucy Lu, Alastair McGrath

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