A New Vu for an Old Challenge

One of the most valuable skills all elementary students are expected to master is that of measuring and recording data. This can sometimes be frustrating for students, due to the limitations data collection at this age level presents. Eyes and ears can only go so far, and sometimes even be inaccurate when measuring data! Midway School District prides itself on being up to date with technological advances, to allow students to be thoroughly prepared for the modern world.

The Midway Education Foundation provided a grant through their Grants for Great Ideas program to help bridge the gap between data collection and elementary comprehension. The software that allowed this, the Vu+ Datalogger, is an innovative design that affects every student positively. Castleman Creek Elementary was the school lucky enough to be the recipient of this grant. Two hundred students and seven teachers were affected by this new software.

The Vu+ Datalogger allows Pre-K through 4th grade students to collect data on light, sound, and temperature levels, with values being added to these findings. The Vu+ Datalogger is an extremely versatile tool, including “grow with me” technology that allows for differentiated data display as the students age. The pictograph mode allows young students to visualize data, while the iPad conjunction method allows 4th graders to analyze data and draw graphs in response to their findings. The Datalogger is also extremely inclusive of English language learners and special education students by allowing the pairing of real time visual aids with data collection. These students can now gain full comprehension, which may have been prohibited by traditional methods.

Evaluating the success of the Vu+ Datalogger, grant coordinator Suzanne Kelley stated the greatest benefit to student participants as “the students were able to accurately and consistently record data. This reduces the level of frustration with science and the subsequent math significantly”. She also categorized this project as very successful.

The Midway Education Foundation would like to sincerely thank Huckabee Architecture for their continued support of the Midway Education Foundation. As a sign of our gratitude we have named this grant in honor of the Huckabee Community Excellence Fund of North Texas. Without our wonderful sponsors we would not be able to offer such innovative opportunities to our students!