Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo 2018

The results are in! Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo has awarded 44 Midway students with medals in categories ranging from Magazine Ads, AV Production, Spelling Bees and more. The results are below. Congratulations to all Midway participants!

HOT PSA winners:


  • Left to right:
    • Carter Forrest – TV team – 2nd place
    • Colton Barden – TV team – 2nd place
    • Holly Eaker – Radio – 1st place
    • Marshal Tompkins – Newspaper Article – 1st place (Marshal also assisted Holly Eaker in the Radio category)
    • Annaliese Rose  – Newspaper Article – 2nd p lace
    • Krista Gore – Magazine Ad – 1st place  AND TV ad – 1st place
    • Joey Hogins – TV Team – 2nd Place
  • Not pictured:
    • Hunter Moehnke – Magazine Ad – 2nd
    • Harrison Wolf – Radio – 2nd place

Academic Rodeo Results (younger campuses’ winners):

  • Written Spelling Bee
    • First grade
      • 4th place, Andrew McGrath, Woodway Elementary
    • Second grade
      • grand champion, Anaya Valappil, Castleman Creek Elementary
      • 3rd place, Kush Parikh, South Bosque Elementary
      • 4th place, Elliot Guess, Woodway Elementary
      • 5th place, Yash Magar, South Bosque Elementary.
    • Third grade
      • grand champion, Shayan Sheraz, Castleman Creek Elementary
      • reserve champion, Grace Koh, South Bosque Elementary
      • 3rd place, Darshan Ramesh, Woodway Elementary
    • Fourth Grade (Qualify for the Oral Bee)
      • Glenn Eshelman
      • Natalie McGrath
      • Aiden Morrow
      • Vihaan Sibal
      • Clark Wash
    • Sixth Grade (Qualify for the Oral Bee)
      • Alastair McGrath
  • Math Bee
    •  First grade
      • grand champion, Andrew McGrath, Woodway Elementary
      • 3rd place, Ethan Freiberger, South Bosque Elementary
      • 4th place, Jay Eshelman, South Bosque Elementary
    • Second grade
      • grand champion, Jarrett Hubbard, South Bosque Elementary
      • reserve champion, Anaya Valappil, Castleman Creek Elementary
      • 3rd place, Elliot Guess, Woodway Elementary
      • 5th place, Sophia Carney, Woodway Elementary.
    • Third grade
      • grand champion, Miles Warren, South Bosque Elementary
      • reserve champion, Cason Ingram, South Bosque Elementary
      • 3rd place, Blake Atkinson, South Bosque Elementary
      • 4th place, James Scott, Castleman Creek Elementar
      • 5th place, Grace Koh, South Bosque Elementary.
    • Fourth Grade
      • grand champion, Vihaan Sibal, South Bosque Elementary
      • reserve champion, Clark Wash, South Bosque Elementary
      • 3rd place, Natalie McGrath, Woodway Elementary
      • 5th place, Peyton Eastwood, Hewitt Elementary
    • Fifth Grade
      • reserve champion, Kael Hulett, River Valley Intermediate
      • 4th place, Saveen Shawbaki, River Valley Intermediate
      • 5th place, Aaron Pressman, River Valley Intermediate
    • Sixth Grade
      • reserve champion, Alastair McGrath, River Valley
      • 4th place, Daniel Zhao, River Valley Intermediate
  • Jr. Class Division Art
    • Wendy Davenport – Grand Champion
    • Alexa Miars – Reserve Grand Champion
    • Chloe Zaricor – 3rd Place
    • Savannan Daniel – 4th Place
    • Karalina Dey – 5th Place
  • Jr. Class Photography
    • Angel Newton – 1st Place
    • Karalina Dey – 2nd Place

Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo Sweethearts:

  • Elaina Lassetter
  • Brianna Martin
  • Lexi Matus

The Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo Sweethearts help promote, support and represent the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo at various community events including festivals, fundraisers, benefits and parades. In addition they serve as public relations ambassadors for the Fair & Rodeo and volunteer a minimum of 100 hours of community service. Scholarship opportunities are also available!