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We Were All Fish Once

We Were All Fish Once

Class of 2017 looks back on freshman year


By Autumn Newman, Panther Post Newspaper Staff


We’ve been back to school for a month now, and everyone has settled into their classes and school work. The seniors are enjoying being on the top of the heap, and they’re looking forward to graduation in June. But, the class of 2017 used to be freshmen too, and they’ve all been through the daily struggles of finding your way around the school, facing the ever-growing loads of homework, and always being the butt of every upperclassman’s joke. All seniors have good and bad memories of their freshmen year, and a few have shared a little about what ninth grade was like for them. Next to their quotes are two pictures: the one on the left is their freshman yearbook picture and the one on the right is what they look like now.


  1. hanna-9 hanna-picWhat were you like as a freshman?

“I was really short and quiet.” -Hanna Hudson





  1. evan-picevan-9What were your biggest struggles as a freshman?

“I was really bad about getting myself out there and getting involved. I was so afraid of failure that I never put myself at risk and I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t involved until later.” -Evan Millerick



  1. quinn-2quinn-9Do you have any embarrassing 9th grade memories?

“I walked into the women’s restroom three times my freshman year.” -Quinn McGinty





  1. ava-picava-9How have you changed since freshman year?

“Since freshman year I’ve matured and gotten to know myself and what I believe in.” -Ava Kowalski





  1. julie-anne-picjulie-anne-9  What are your future plans?

“I would like to attend Baylor and study to be a speech pathologist.”

– Julie Anne Randolph




  1. brittany-pic brittany-9What experiences from your freshman year have affected the decisions you’re making now?

“By the beginning of my freshman year, I had already developed a strong interest in languages and envisioned having a career as an editor or a translator, but though I loved music, I hadn’t really considered it as a potential career. It was about halfway through my freshman year that I first thought of the possibility of having a career as an opera singer. I am now attending many competitions, preparing for college auditions, and making decisions about college based on my goal to be an opera singer. Also, my experience of not making All-State Choir my freshman year was my first major experience with failure. While it was not a pleasant experience, it taught me how to accept failure graciously and how not to define myself by it, which has made me a stronger and more confident person.” -Brittany Brewer



  1. mallory-picmallory-9 If you could change anything about your freshman year, what would it be?

“I would get more involved!” -Mallory Glass





  1. kristin-pickristin-9 Do you have any advice for the new freshman?

“Find yourself some good, wholesome, rad, extremely crazy friends. My best friends have carried me through fire and back and I couldn’t have made it through high school without them. And don’t take your free time for granted. Use it to develop your skills, whether it be practicing an instrument or drawing, it will help you. It will help you way more than you think.” -Kristin Breen