Nation’s largest science education conference features Midway teachers Nov16


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Nation’s largest science education conference features Midway teachers

CASTOn November 12-14, 2015, several Midway elementary, intermediate, and middle school teachers attended the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching, better known as CAST. CAST is the annual meeting of the Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT), and it is the largest state science education conference in the nation!


Midway teachers did not just attend this great event; two of our very own teachers also presented one of the 750 TEKS-aligned educational workshops! Nicole Grygar (Woodway Elementary, 4th Grade) and Ashley Stroud (Woodgate Intermediate, 5th Grade) led a workshop called “Successfully Cruising in Your Lane.”


In their words, “We presented about vertical alignment and ‘staying in your lane’ for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade science. We broke down each standard, focusing on the key vocabulary terms and the Bloom’s verb explaining what the student should master in each grade. Then we gave some sample lab ideas for each.  About 40-50 people attended our session and had wonderful things to say after we finished. Their feedback told us that our session was very informative and helpful.”


Thank you, Mrs. Grygar and Mrs. Stroud, for so aptly representing Midway ISD at CAST, and thanks to all of the teachers who attended CAST this year!


Article by Courtney Jerkins, MISD Science Coordinator