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Extra Mile Award Winners

It’s that time again to announce the winners of the Extra Mile Award for Midway ISD! We are proud of the three employees that were nominated and thank everyone for writing in their nominations.


Maria Varela, a middle school crossing guard, is known to always be on top of her game! Mrs. Maria’s first priority is protecting the children at all times. A parent wrote about a particular instance where Mrs. Maria avoided a disastrous situation by being so attentive to the truck that ran through a red light. The parent wrote “Honestly, I was amazed at the fact that she knew there was a problem with that truck as the light had already been red for a good amount of time.” Regardless of the weather, Mrs. Maria is out there making sure the children are safe and is making a positive difference every day!


Kandy Money, a substitue Special Education teacher, goes above and beyond for the students and teachers at South Bosque Elementary school. Mrs. Kandy has been a teacher for 35 years and is retired, but is substituting for a teacher on maternity leave. Mrs. Kandy received countless nominations, all stating how amazing she is as a teacher and how she goes above and beyond for not only the students, but for teachers as well. One teacher wrote in about a situation in which Mrs. Kandy helped create a plan to increase the student’s behavioral success. Another teacher wrote that Mrs. Kandy has blessed the campus of South Bosque and hope that she will come out of retirement to teach full-time again! Not only does Kandy go beyond for South Bosque Elementary school, but in her free time she takes a group of special needs friends on monthly outings and helps several elderly people at her church. Some adjectives used to describe Mrs. Kandy are energizer bunny, caring, giving, awesome, calm and positive.


Teresa Byford, a paraprofessional at Spring Valley Elementary, has been nominated for her duty to keep the children in the cafeteria before the first bell rings. Instead of trying to keep the students quiet in the morning, Mrs. Teresa reads a chapter from a book. To increase students reading comprehension, she also asks questions from the chapter she read the previous day. When walking the students to the next place for their specials, Mrs. Teresa gives instructions to the students on good citizenship and life skills. She’s been known to tell students how important it is to smile because it causes others to be happy! Also, Mrs. Teresa goes above and beyond to help teachers find new websites that correlate with what they are teaching. On Fridays, Mrs. Teresa offers to answer the phones so the entire office can eat together. Mrs. Teresa leads by example and exhibits great character for our teachers, staff and students!


Midway ISD is proud of these employees and every other employee!