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Middle School All Region Orchestra

30 Midway Middle School students auditioned for all-region orchestra this year and 19 made the cut, plus five students placed as alternates.

Mr. Guerrero said, “I am, of course, proud of every student who auditioned because it is a really intimidating process. Please congratulate these talented students on their efforts.”



Hauen Moon – Concert Master

John Yarborough

Ivy Koh

Janice Kang

Hanuel (Emily) Kim

Sherina Ren

Peter Le

Amanda Hudson

Nikki Ly – first alternate




Sarah Shultz – 2nd chair

Emily Tandy 

Chandler Evans

Logan Kowalski – 1st Alternate

Ben Clarkson – 2nd Alternate



Hayoung Moon – principle

Ashley Brewer – 2nd chair

Sara Conde

Josh Reed

Ben White

Colton Barden

Kaliah Miller – 2nd alternate



Chris Luedke – principle

Luke Day

Parker Strouse – 2nd alternate