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Choir Audition Results

Congratulations to the following MHS Choir students who advanced to the Area Audition for All-State Choir at pre-area regional auditions held last Saturday, November 1, at Midway HS.  Singing an unusually difficult set of music, these students placed in the top 5 in their section!


The Area Audition will be held at Midway HS on January 10.


Area Choir Finalists
Brewer, Brittany Soprano 1 2nd
Schubert, Augusta Soprano 1 5th
Chancellor, Amanda Soprano 2 1st
Marcum, Meredith Soprano 2 Alternate
Bennett, Abby Alto 1 1st
Scott, McKenna Alto 1 Alternate
Sury, Elaine Alto 2 4th
Curry, Chris Tenor 2 3rd
Zheng, Stephen Tenor 2 5th
Norris, Jonathan Tenor  2 Alternate
Bradley, Isaac Bass 1 2nd
Bell, Mark Bass 1 4th
Hejduk, Anthony Bass 1 Alternate
Haverly, Zack Bass 2 Alternate



Also on Saturday November 1, the following MHS Choir 9th/10th grade students were selected for the TMEA 9th/10th Grade All-Region Choir.  These students (and the 51 others who made the 9-12 All-Region Choir) will perform in the All-Region Choir Concert at 5:00 pm this Saturday at Baylor’s Jones Concert Hall.


9th/10th Grade All-Region Choir
Soprano 1 Tenor 1
Seeger, Anna Joy 6th Micus, Joe 1st
Rinewalt, Kyndal 8th Hill, Steven 3rd
Shafer, Lucy 10th Johnson, Jared 5th
Le, Adeline 12th Young, Kane 6th
Perry, Nicole 15th Nettles, Robert 8th
Stamey, Will 10th
Soprano 2 Beard, Josh Alternate
Breen, Kristin 5th
Mancha, Erica 6th Tenor 2
Luse, Haley 8th West, Jamie 3rd
Lackey, Sydney 11th McGinty, Quinn 5th
Jarrell, Claire 13th Kanz, Andy 8th
Neimer, Taylor 15th Lambert, Christian 9th
Vela, Emily Alternate Lee, Ryan 10th
Clay, Emily Alternate Huser, Zach Alternate
Mikeska, Mason Alternate
Alto 1
Harp, Abbie 4th Bass 1
Reneau, Caitlin 8th Lambert, Riley 3rd
Newman, Autumn 9th Forbis, Chris 6th
Cates, Lily 10th Cox, Nick 8th
Crain, Gillian 13th Duncan, Dylan 10th
Osborne, Victoria 14th Rowe, Jeremy 11th
Wahlberg, Allison Alternate Hill, Aaron 12th
Benton, David 15th
Alto 2
Willoughby, Iris 1st Bass 2
Johnson, Bethany 4th Taylor, Chris 4th
Shaver, Katie 13th Selman, Collin 5th
Partin, Emma Alternate Coley, Chris 7th
Morales, Leslie Alternate Perez, Jalen 8th
Hunter, Austin 12th
Smith, Austin 13th
Kazanas, Chris 14th
Smith, Graham 15th
Tandy, Wesley Alternate