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Extra Mile Awardees Are Announced!

In a school district, there are many teachers and other school employees that go above and beyond of their required duties. In Midway ISD, two faculty members and one transportation driver have been awarded the Extra Mile Award! These three individuals have shown their care and commitment to the students by going above the call of what their positions require them to do.

Ronnie Wallace, a bus driver for South Bosque Elementary School, is one of the award winners. Mr. Wallace was nominated for this award because he truly cares about each student that walks on and off his bus. Students are greeted with a friendly smile and a “Hello!” as they enter the bus, and encouraging words when the students exit the bus to go to school. David Everett, who nominated Mr. Wallace for this award, believes the students respect and understand Mr. Wallace’s rules and expectations on the bus because Mr. Wallace respects each student. “He truly goes the extra mile in building relationships with his student riders and it is most appreciated,” Everett wrote. Wallace gets to know each of the students that ride on his bus through conversations and even takes the time to each lunch with some of his students! By getting to know the students fairly well, Mr. Wallace is able to go to the teachers when he notices if a student is having an issue. If a student forgot something on the bus, Mr. Wallace will take the time to walk into the school’s main office and let the secretary know which student left that item.IMG_2525

Above: Ronnie Wallace poses with South Bosque Elementary Assistant Prinicpal and various Midway ISD Superintendents.

At Speegleville Elementary School, Mrs. Christe Hancock is another awardee of the Extra Mile Award! Mrs. Hancock is the librarian at the elementary school, but she isn’t the average librarian. Bonnie Floyd, PE Teacher at Speegleville Elementary School, believes that the school revolves around the library activities and Mrs. Hancock. “She wears so many hats and has so many different responsibilities, but does each one with dedication and enthusiasm,” Floyd wrote. In addition to being the school’s librarian, Mrs. Hancock is the computer teacher, sponsors Library Lords and Ladies, PTA liaison, provides enrichment, and much more. Mrs. Hancock has also created the atmosphere in the library to stimulate the mind and foster a desire to read and explore. Mrs. Hancock, day in and day out, goes above and beyond to make sure students excel while at Speegleville Elementary School!

IMG_2552Above: Christe Hancock smiles with Speegleville Elementary Principal and various Superintendents from Midway ISD.

The third awardee of the Extra Mile Award is Marva Harrison. Mrs. Harrison has well surpassed the duties of working in the Success Lab/DAEP through her continuous desire and compassion to help students. Mrs. Harrison is mindful of her interactions with students, seeking to change their lives for the better while they are serving in a disciplinary placement. Mrs. Harrison demonstrates the commitment beyond duties of a teacher. For example, Mrs. Harrison has on multiple occasions assisted students in out-of-school situations. Not only was Mrs. Harrison there for the students, but she was able to support the families as well. From finding local resources to help students, providing mentoring for students, and still going above and beyond in the classroom, Mrs. Harrison does not stop being a teacher when the school day is over. Dr. Jeanie Johnson and Brad Shelton both nominated Mrs. Harrison for this award. “Mrs. Harrison demonstrates these caring attributes and commitment to improving student lives every day. I want to share and celebrate the contributions she makes to our students,” Mr. Shelton wrote. When a student is in a delicate situation, Mrs. Harrison steps in and gives assistance. “A student was in need of a fresh perspective, and to be surrounded by adult men who were productive citizens and leaders in the Waco area. She accompanied the student to an area leadership conference on a weekend,” Dr. Johnson wrote. Mrs. Harrison is positively impacting each student that she comes in contact with.

IMG_2512Above: Marva Harrison stands with Midway High School Principal and various Superintendents from Midway ISD.

Midway ISD is so proud of these three awardees and are grateful to have many more like them throughout our entire school district!