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Lucky 7 — MMS 7th Grade Success

The future looks good! In many ways, Midway Middle School serves as a training and recruiting ground for much of the success that occurs annually at the high school level of competition. MMS’ successful programs have had a phenomenal year already, and the spring is just getting started. Award-winning programs and students in fine arts, athletics and academics indicate a bright outlook for Panthers for years to come.


The MMS seventh grade basketball team won the College Station Middle School Tournament in January. L to R: Traverious Hodges, Xavier Abalos, Bryan Ash, Parker Nall, Major Gonzales, Caden Quinn, Cashion Lewis, Zachary Smith, John Davis, Levi Whiddon, Will Rigney and Coach Bruce











James Fullbright III competed amongst the top 35 seventh grade football players in the nation at the Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl in January. 

American Protégé International Competition - Weill Hall - Haeun Moon

Seventh grader Haeun Moon competed as the Texas state winner and a Division Finalist in the MTNA Junior String Competition held in Louisiana.












In addition to those pictured, congratulations to outstanding seventh and eighth graders in the midst of ongoing competitions:

  • Isaiah Alvarado (7) and Maddi Charping (8) competing at the State PTA Reflections Contest in Visual Arts
  • Morgan Warren (8) competing at the State PTA Reflections Contest in Dance Choreography & Photography
  • 63 MMS choral students named to the Region Honor Choir
  • The 7th and 8th graders competing at the Regional Science Fair
Category Place Name
Health 1st Leanna Herrera
  2nd Stephen Zheng & Mark Huynh
Computer Science 1 Victoria Logan
  2 Luke Day
  3 Alexa De La Garza
Social Sciences 1 Benjamin Ikeda
  2 Christiana Kaul
Chemistry 1 Sherina Ren
  2 Colleen Goggin
Microbiology 1 Sheridan Spivey
  2 Rahya Gupta
Environmental Science 1 Emmalie Albers
  2 Brooks Barnett
  3 Jessica Sain
Plant Sciences 1 Ariana Flores
  2 Shannon Sepanski
Physics 1 Steven Acevedo
Engineering Materials 1 Ian Overpeck
  2 William Brown