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Midway Middle School Orchesta Shines

More than 115 students tried out for Region 8 Middle School Orchestra. Midway Middle School proudly filled 19 of the 53 spots and two alternative positions. Two of those who made the orchestra are actually 6th graders! Congratulations to the following students:

Harp: Sarah Hall

Bass: Gavin Whelan 1st chair, Edwin Jefferson 2nd chair

Cello: Wilson Burnett 2nd chair, Alicia Allen 3rd chair, Corrie Cubos 6th chair, Logan Prado 8th chair, Robert Mathis 10th chair, Caroline Goodnight 2nd alternate

Viola: Maeve Whelan 1st chair, Rachel Cotner 2nd chair, Landry Luker 1st alternate

Violin 1: Augusta Schubert 1st chair and concertmaster, Ava Kowalski 2nd chair, Edward Kim 3rd chair, Hayoung Park 4th chair, Natalie Bartay 6th chair, Hanna Hudson 13th chair

Violin 2: Sarah Schultz 2nd chair, Brittany Brewer 5th chair, Jonathan Ly 10th chair