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Journalists Research the Field

The members of The Panther Post newspaper staff took a field trip to The West News where students saw how newspapers, newsletters, brochures and other materials are printed. They learned about the rich history of their school newspaper’s printing company that has been around since 1899! They watched as the presses ran their March edition of the newspaper. Students said it was neat to see all of the steps to process a paper between the time they e-mail the pages to the time the papers arrive on campus.

After lunch at The Pizza House in West, students were treated to a tour of Channel 25 in Waco by the marketing coordinator. Students saw how the daily news broadcasts are researched, written, practiced, and aired live. Anchor Bruce Gietzen, who for years has been a great mentor to Midway journalism students, showed them how members of the station work to air the news, sports and weather. Students tried out the teleprompter and weather green screen, always favorites. Mr. Gietzen also shared personal tips about skills they would need for a career in broadcasting.

Journalism Teacher Jamie Beavers said, “The students and I want to formally thank our wonderful hosts. We just wanted to let you know how much fun we had today and we thank everyone who helped make it happen!”