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Happy holidays from MISD students!

Midway has a tradition of inviting our students to submit designs for our holiday cards. This year we had exceptional artwork to choose from and the cards were digitally turned into a mosaic using an app. The combination of creativity and technology turned out beautifully.

J’Lynn Gus, 4th grader at Woodway Elementary, created the beautiful “tree in the snow” card.

Bryson Metzgar, 3rd grader at South Bosque Elementary, did a fabulous job of designing three fir trees.

Taylor Mason, 2nd grader at South Bosque Elementary, did a lovely design of a red candle.

Jackie Frank’s first grade class from Woodway Elementary created a card as a group effort – each student cut out a poinsettia to place on the card, and the collaboration is simply beautiful.

Art teachers for the holiday card projects were Sarah McCormick from Woodway and Beth Cockerham from South Bosque.