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Live! From Midway Middle… it’s KMTV!

And action! Imagine that you are now being broadcast live to 1,100 people. You have a limited time to disseminate specific information, and make it sound interesting. Be sure to keep everyone’s attention. Don’t stutter. What is that word on the teleprompter? How do I pronounce the guest presenter’s name? Stay poised! Oh wait — and now imagine you are just 13 or 14 years old. What would it have been like to learn such grace under fire during the peak of insecure adolescence?  Midway Middle School students know what it takes, thanks to KMTV, the campus’ daily live news broadcast.

The middle school’s daily announcements are produced live by eighth grade students in Diane Ray’s broadcasting class every day. The students gather news, write scripts, prepare visuals as needed, take turns anchoring and reporting news, weather, and announcements, film standard shots and cutaways, prepare audio, and much more.

Eighth grader Matt Shillinglaw said, “It’s challenging and a whole lot of fun. You get to push yourself every day with the different tasks. It also helps with public speaking. I’m really good at the computer part for the green screen, but my favorite part is reporting on sports because I’m a big sport fan.”

In addition to developing the skills to write, produce, shoot and edit video for live broadcast — and perhaps more importantly — the students learn to lead their peers. They are able to gain experience and confidence by constantly refining their skills in speech and presentation.

“KMTV is a unique opportunity because it is the only live broadcast in the district,” said Principal Jennifer Allison. “Students are provided an awesome opportunity to understand what it is like to be in a professional setting, and have insight into a career path. Plus, it is beneficial that other students consistently see their peers in leadership roles.”